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We are dedicated to helping our patients lead vibrant and healthy lives, which means less time waiting for your prescription and more time doing what you love.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop and stay a while! We work hard to create a calm, welcoming atmosphere where you can get to know our staff while you grab a bite at our café and old-school soda fountain.

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Six minutes is the average time it takes our patients to pick up their prescriptions.
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Erectile Dysfunction


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Trusted By Thousands

“Our experience with Trey has been outstanding.  We’ve ordered TAC-20 from his pharmacy for years and the product is formulated flawlessly for our patients, which include a significant number of pediatric patients.  We routinely use this product sparingly in very young children and have been able to administer local anesthetic painlessly, even in maxillary anterior sextants, without any other products.  Without reservation I recommend Trey’s TAC-20.”

Dr. Ray T

“Now, thanks to the compounded pain cream Trey helped me with, I can play golf without pain.  I can move better and even bend my elbow and wrists repeatedly throughout golfing — things I couldn’t do before.  Trey worked with my Doctor to get me what I needed and its worth every penny. “

Larry W.

“I usually fill my prescriptions at Walgreen’s but they were out of the medicine I needed, so I tried Palmer’s Drug.  They had my medication, were very quick, friendly, and knowledgeable, and much easier to work with than Walgreen’s.  They had my prescription ready in less than 10 minutes and I usually have to wait an hour.  They’ve earned my business.”

Joe B.