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4 Amazing Benefits of Sun Exposure

July 27, 2023

There aren’t many feelings that are better than the warmth of the sun on your skin! While overly prolonged sun exposure can lead to a variety of health issues, spending a moderate amount of time in the sun can actually provide a wide range of health benefits. At Person Street Pharmacy, we are dedicated to helping you live your healthiest life, which is why we’ve put together this list of some of the top benefits of sun exposure. From strengthened immune health to improved mood and more, there are lots of great reasons to get out and spend some time in the sun! Just make sure to wear sunscreen and seek shade after prolonged time in the sunshine. Read on and find out more about the benefits of sun exposure:

1.Strengthened Immune System

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We’ve all been there – you spent a day outdoors under the sun and now you’re ready for an amazing night’s sleep. Did you know that there’s science behind why we sleep so well after spending time in the sunshine? One of the benefits of sun exposure is that it helps regulate our body’s circadian rhythm, which determines when we feel sleepy or energized. When you spend time in the sunshine, your body knows what time of day it is, which in turn helps it produce the sleep hormone melatonin at the right time. When you spend time outdoors in the sun, you can help your body regulate itself and enjoy better sleep!

2.Better Sleep

One of the benefits of sun exposure is sunlight’s ability to stimulate the production of Vitamin D3, an important nutrient that is essential for immune health. Vitamin D3 helps to support our immune system while protecting our bodies against infection and disease. Spending just 10-30 minutes in the sun each day can help your body produce this essential nutrient and fortify your immune system!

3.Improved Mood

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While it’s not surprising that time spent in the sunshine can improve your mood, there’s actually scientific evidence that it does! One of the benefits of sun exposure is that it helps to trigger the release of serotonin, a hormone that boosts mood and causes feelings of happiness. Sufficient levels of serotonin can even help reduce symptoms of mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Making sure you regularly expose yourself to sunshine is extremely beneficial for your happiness and general mood.

4.Enhanced Bone Health

Vitamin D3 provides additional benefits past its contributions to immune health – it also plays a key role in helping to maintain strong and healthy bones! Vitamin D3 helps our bodies absorb calcium, a key nutrient for our bones. And since sun exposure increases production of Vitamin D3, spending some time out in the sunshine can contribute to good bone health and reduce the risks of conditions like arthritis.

While protecting our skin from excessive sun exposure is necessary, it is also important to understand the many benefits of sun exposure as well. From stimulating the production of vital nutrients like Vitamin D3 to hormones like serotonin and more, there are lots of reasons to incorporate healthy amounts of sunshine into our daily lives.

At Person Street Pharmacy, we are here to help you live your healthiest life, with a dedicated pharmacy team here to answer your questions. Reach out to us today and find out how we can be of service to you!