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7 of the Best Tips for Better Sleep

March 23, 2023

You wake up feeling groggy and unrested, again. You want to get more quality sleep, but you’re not quite sure how. We can help with that by sharing some of our best tips for better sleep! From taking sleep supportive supplements to limiting certain stimulants, there are several habits you can incorporate to ensure you’re getting some solid rest at night. Here are 7 of our favorite tips that will help you sleep better.

1. Take Sleep Supplements

Maybe you’ve tried several things to get better sleep at night but none of them have worked. Taking a sleep supplement may be the next step for you. A great option is melatonin. This hormone regulates sleep, and it is essential to our circadian rhythms, the sleep and awake cycles that tell us when to wake up, feel awake, feel tired, and sleep. We also recommend MindMag, a brain support supplement with magnesium which can assist in better sleep.

2. Use Lavender

lavender essential oil

Another popular tip for better sleep that’s a natural alternative is using herbs, specifically lavender. It’s been proven to promote relaxation and improve sleep. Some of the most popular ways to use lavender include essential oils, candles, and in tea.

3. Reduce Nighttime Blue Light Exposure

We’ve all heard it: “don’t scroll while you’re laying in bed!” There’s actually scientific proof to it! If you continue to use blue lights all the way up until you go to bed, your brain is still active from the stimulation. If you want to promote better sleep, you should stop using electronics at least 1 hour before bed. This gives your brain enough time to switch from being stimulated to allowing it to release melatonin.

4. Avoid Caffeine Before Bed

doctor holding a cup of coffee with his thumb down

Caffeine is another stimulant you should avoid before bed. Some people are able to drink it with no problems before falling asleep, but it could still be affecting your quality of sleep. Other people are caffeine sensitive and should avoid it many hours before bed. Either way, you’ll get more uninterrupted sleep if you don’t have caffeine before bed!

5. Increase Physical Activity

A surprising tip for better sleep is to increase your physical activity during the day. Exercise changes the way your body converts energy, and this change actually promotes solid sleep. While exercise is great, you should avoid doing it too close to bedtime because you may not be able to settle down before you need to go to bed.

6. Reduce Daytime Naps

woman taking a nap on the couch

You should take naps with caution during the day if you’re wanting to get better sleep at night. If you sleep too long in the day or too late in the day, it can throw off your sleep schedule. Experts recommend keeping naps around 20 minutes.

7. Create a Consistent Routine

We’re creatures of habit. We get used to doing things in a certain order at a certain time, and sleep is no exception. You should create a calming bedtime routine that includes things that help you relax and get ready to sleep, like reading, skin care, or yoga. Experts also recommend going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.

These tips for better sleep will help you get the rest you’ve been striving for. All you have to do is incorporate them! Thinking about adding supplements to your regimen for better sleep? Reach out to us for personal recommendations that will work best for you!