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5 of the Best Supplements for High Blood Pressure

October 20, 2023

For many people, high blood pressure is an ongoing health struggle. Here at Person Street Pharmacy, we understand the challenges that can come with managing this health condition, and we are here to help. One way that you can help to deal with your high blood pressure may be by incorporating supplements into your health regimen. While they are not substitutes for potentially important medications, these supplements for high blood pressure can help to reduce the challenges of managing this condition. Read on to learn more about some of the top supplements for high blood pressure and how they can help you:

1. Magnesium

One of the best supplements for high blood pressure is magnesium, an essential mineral that is involved in countless bodily functions. One of the functions that magnesium assists with is the production of nitric oxide, which promotes the relaxation of blood vessels. When you do not have enough nitric oxide being produced, it can cause tightening of the blood vessel walls, which can be a contributor to high blood pressure. By taking a magnesium supplement, you are ensuring your body has enough of this key mineral.

2. Potassium

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Another of the top supplements for high blood pressure, potassium has shown a great deal of promise in reducing blood pressure and lowering risk of serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. If you do not consume enough potassium in your diet, adding potassium supplements may be a great option for you. Potassium, similar to magnesium, can help to relax the walls of blood vessels, promoting healthy blood flow and reducing overall pressure. If you struggle with high blood pressure, adding a potassium supplement to your health regimen might be an ideal option for you.

3. Vitamin B

One of the supplements for high blood pressure that you might not know can be helpful is Vitamin B. Some studies have shown that getting a proper intake of B vitamins is associated with a lower risk of high blood pressure. By helping to promote healthy blood flow and helping blood vessels to relax, Vitamin B can help to deal with high blood pressure.

4. Vitamin D

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While Vitamin D has not been shown to lower high blood pressure, data indicates that lower levels of Vitamin D tend to be associated with higher blood pressure, which may mean that insufficient levels of Vitamin D put people at increased risk for high blood pressure. If you are looking to take steps to try to avoid high blood pressure, Vitamin D supplements may be a good option for you.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Another of the supplements for high blood pressure that has shown promising results is Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that those who consume enough Omega-3 fatty acids tend to have lower blood pressure than those who do not. While there is still a significant amount we do not know about the potential links between Omega-3 fatty acids and high blood pressure, early research has been promising.

If you are looking for options for managing your high blood pressure, some of these supplements may be great options for you. Just remember to talk to a healthcare professional when starting new supplements — our team is always happy to help you! Reach out to our pharmacists today and learn more about how Person Street Pharmacy can help you tackle your health goals.