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4 of the Top Things to Know About Our Compounding Pharmacy in Raleigh NC

August 28, 2023

Picking the right pharmacy is an important part of your health journey. From your prescription drugs to treatment plans and other health services, your pharmacy plays an active role in many of the factors that contribute to your overall health. Here at Person Street Pharmacy, we are dedicated to being there for you in every aspect of your health journey. From customized treatment options to low cost generic prescription drugs and more, we work hard to make sure you have the best choices available for your health needs. Here are some of the top things to know about our compounding pharmacy here in Raleigh NC:

1. Personalized Attention and Care

Your health needs are unique, just like you are. At Person Street Pharmacy, we understand that and work with you to find the best solutions to your individual health needs. When you rely on large chain pharmacies for your health needs, you can sometimes receive more generalized care that is aimed at solving common issues rather than a personalized treatment plan that is designed around your specific needs. Our dedicated team is here to help figure out the best possible solutions for your individual health concerns, from specially formulated medications to customized treatment plans. Come visit our team and experience the difference of personalized attention and care!

2. Low Cost Generic Prescription Drugs

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One of the top obstacles that many people face along their health journeys is difficulty paying for expensive prescription drugs. One of the ways that our compounding pharmacy can help is by offering low cost generic alternatives to many popular prescription drugs. These low cost generics contain the same active ingredient as their respective brand-name drugs, but are often available for a fraction of the price. Learn more about our generic low cost prescription drugs and find out whether they might be a good option for you.

3. Men’s Health Services

For men struggling with aspects of their personal health, we have a variety of services in place to help you take control of your health journey! For men dealing with erectile dysfunction, we offer generic versions of popular medications for erectile dysfunction, plus we can ship them to your door for a low cost. Additionally, we offer FDA approved treatments for preventing hair loss. These important men’s health services are just another part of our commitment to be there for you in every aspect of your personal health journey.

4. Women’s Health Services

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Our compounding pharmacy provides a number of services for women’s health needs, helping women to live healthy and vibrant lives. For instance, we offer birth control prescriptions at affordable prices, making it easy to take control of your reproductive health. We also offer services to new mothers, such as helping to prevent pain during breastfeeding, which allows new mothers to breastfeed longer. These services and more are another part of our pharmacy’s dedication to you and your personal health.

These are just some of the ways that our compounding pharmacy here in Raleigh NC helps to support you in every aspect of your health journey. To learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you live your healthiest life, reach out to our team here at Person Street Pharmacy and start experiencing the difference that personalized care can make!